Wedding Wednesday: Let Them Eat Cake!

Happy Wednesday readers! I was in a cake eating kind of mood, hence the post! I was never a fan of wedding cakes only because the fondant wasn’t my favourite part. From a far they are beautiful, but I would never eat the cake when I would go to a wedding. This was of course before I found out that Whimsical Cake Studio made wedding cakes!! Being a cake lover, this was the best news! Their cupcakes are my absolute favourite! I went ahead and checked out their website to see what kind of creations they have for wedding cakes, and they blew me away!

A beautiful brocade cake in soft yellows.

Everyone’s favourite.. a personal serving of cake, each in their own flavour and bright colour!

A whimsical cake indeed!

You can walk right into Whimsical (8716 109 St.) almost any day of the week (they are closed on Sundays) to treat yourself to a yummy cupcake, then head over to Garneau Theatre for a movie.. before they close it down!!

One Comment on “Wedding Wednesday: Let Them Eat Cake!”

  1. Christine says:

    Whimsical made our wedding cake and it was beautiful AND delicious!

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