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Most of our office went on a little creative venture today! To the Art Gallery of Alberta. We all wanted to see the Warhol Exhibit before it left the city. Before seeing the exhibit, I wandered around with my co-workers in this very contemporary series of collections from the 60’s to 70’s era. It was different, very transient, I’m not sure everyone got it as art. But I took it to the heart when I saw wonderful scribblings of notes and sketches. Post cards, sheets of letter paper, ripped out sketch paper; it was all very organic and part of any art project. My favorites clearly were the handwritten notes.

And how gorgeous is this?! A singe music sheet with these quickly scratched yet perfectly displayed music notes. I can’t read it or understand it but I could definitely frame it and showcase it on my walls.

Lastly, the one and only Andy. Out of the whole entire exhibit, Sam was my favorite. Not the actual cat, the words Sam, and the signature. It’s so real. The ink sat right on top. The strokes were so natural. It took me back to a project where I had to recreate Andy’s signature; I ended up replicating something from his later years, but Sam is from his early collections, youthful, organic. What a beauty!


2 Comments on “Timeless Type @yourAGA”

  1. Christopher Harkin says:

    Hey there,

    I really love the music note sketches, have you got more information on these?

    Many thanks,


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