Screen Printing with Whiteout Workshop

My pal Janet was real keen to take a screen printing class that Whiteout Workshop was offering over a weekend. It’s been years (…really over a decade) since I’ve last indulged into the smell of thick screening inks and photo emulsion. I thought hey, why not, just another hobby to gather right? I’m such a paper fiend and desire to be a print guru one day, and screen printing just has an effect that offset can’t mimic. The way the ink really sits on top of your uncoated paper. The textures that it creates with each and every pull. I’ve found a new love.

Janet and I had such a fantastic weekend! You can really see it in these pics below. Look how happy we are?!

If you’re wanting to try something different, if you’re wanting to expand your printing knowledge check out Whiteout Workshop. I was so impressed by Natasha (owner and creator), with her willingness to teach and share her knowledge. Most artists like to keep their secrets to themselves, but Natasha was so awesome to work with!

Screen Printing with Whiteout Workshop

Naturally I was pretty scared on what to print. I knew for sure I wanted to print on paper, but what? I’ve never personally printed much of my hand lettering so all my files of doodles and words came in handy. I printed four hand lettering illustrations: Let’s Build Mountains, Let’s Share our Hearts, Let’s Collect Memories, and lastly (and probably a favorite) Hey You’re Awesome.

Natasha took the pics below of me screening and flooding. The hot pink was incredible to say the least. This was day two of screening, I wish I had my hands on that hot pink on day one, it was just so electric and really smooth to work with.

Screen Printing with Whiteout Workshop

Black was a safe colour to print with. It was smooth, runny and easy to pull. Once I got started I couldn’t stop. All I wanted to do was pull more prints. It either went really fast or I used an excessive amount of paper (definitely the latter). Gold was another favorite of mine. Everyone knows how much I love gold and now I got the opportunity to print with gold. Swoon. I loved the texture the metallic ink laid on the paper.

Because we had two days, I had a really good opportunity to screen layers. I wish I had done more layered work because the outcome is just so much more appealing (on most of them). The simplicity of one layer is clean and modern. Once another layer is added it became chaos and magic for my eyes!

The last image with the flying geese and the hand lettering is a Janet and Justine collaboration and by far my favorite from the weekend. Only two prints were made, one for me and one for Janet, pretty much like best friend bracelets but prints 😉

Screen Printing with Whiteout Workshop

I am now the proud owner of probably over one hundred prints and that’s just crazy. I posted a giveaway on Instagram (@pooting) where I’ll be sending prints to America, Singapore and one locally here in Edmonton. I really enjoyed the feedback from the contest so I’ll be conducting another giveaway on my Facebook page within the next week. So stay tuned.


3 Comments on “Screen Printing with Whiteout Workshop”

  1. J-Pan says:

    screeeeen printing.

  2. Laura M says:

    I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!!!

  3. Christine says:

    Yay! This looks so fun! You look so happy and in your glory here!

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