Illustrated “How to”

If you don’t already know this, I do have a full time job at a wee design studio/agency called The Met Agency. Every few weeks each of us does a blog post. This week I decided to do a “how to,” and in this case, a how to grow an avocado! Janet and I have been busy nurturing our little forest of avocados, we have 5, each of them with a unique name and some of them with extra love notes for growth encouragement. I encourage you to try this “how to,” it’s so fun watching these little guys grow! I’m so in love with all of them!

avocado, grow, plant, how to

avocado, how to

avocado, plant, how to

Meet Dilbert, one of our fastest growing!



One Comment on “Illustrated “How to””

  1. That looks fun… I wanna try 🙂

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