Happy Friday!

I hope you all enjoy another beautiful fall weekend! Grab a pumpkin spice latte, and go for a frolic in the leaves! I just love this time of year!

Photographer Erik Otsea and landscape designer Judy Karmeon for T Magazine


Tid Bits

Wedding tid bits (as I like to call them) are clearly my favorite. Tricia had a wonderful idea to punch intricate corners on paint chips for her table cards! SWOON! If you do happen to try this at home, do remember to leave a lot of dry time. Paint chips have a super coating on them, not allowing the ink to dry or absorb too easily. Never the less, the ink glided on SO smoothly. Pretty much a dream, other than dry time.

I found these photos on my phone, this is my small work space. Filled with coloured confetti and of course a cutting mat.

Don’t forget to check out the gorgeous photos from Tricia and Kelly’s wedding here and here!


Wedding Wednesday: Invitation Inspiration

Happy Wednesday readers! With wedding season in full swing now, I started to think of invitations and we are even working on a few more samples to put up on our website soon (stay tuned!!) For now though, let’s see what things are sparking our little creative minds!

via 100 layer cake

via 100 layer cake

Gorgeous invitation set by Cheree Berry, which has been found in Martha Stewart Weddings, and is adorably styled with heart shaped candy and striped bangles, FUN!

via 100 layer cake

This colour combination of kumquat and brown kraft paper is one of my favourites right now. Erin of Be True Designs is the creative mind behind this gorgeous cameo set.

via 100 layer cake

I’m not sure if it’s the simplicity of the black and white that I love so much, or the fact that there is that adorable tape tacked on the top. Either way Love vs Design does a pretty darn cute job on their modern vintage style invitations and save the dates.

via 100 layer cake

One of my first ever discovered bloggers was Oh Joy, and here she has a very cute travel invitation that would be perfect for a destination wedding for Wedding Paper Divas.

via 100 layer cake

Anyone who can sit through this much detail is the most patient person on Earth, and just so happens to be named Erin from The Indigo Bunting, and is a custom invite designer at 100LC (very cool, and very lucky!) There is some seriously cool stuff happening here!

I hope these images got your wheels turning, because mine sure are! See you all next week my lovelies! Until then, have a wonderful week!

Tricia’s Shower

Tis the season for bridal showers. This particular event is possibly one of my favorite traditions for a wedding. Every shower is different. Every bride has a group of beauties by her side along with the ever helpful mothers who put together a lovely afternoon.

One of Tricia’s bridesmaids, my great pal, Nicola approached me with all of her ideas rolling in her ever creative mind wanting some tea tin labels and food tags (my favorite). Nicola crafted beautiful windmills and super fun ribbon wands for all the kidlets attending (Nicki, I still want a wand!!). Super colourful visuals. She was ever so nice to donate some of her pretty patterned origami sheets for the food tags and I had SO much fun making these colourful cards.

Congratulations Tricia! Well wishes for the big day!

To see more on what the master talent Nicola can do, visit her website and follow her on twitter!

Andrea’s Shower

A very pretty lady asked me to whip up some little tid bits for her bridal shower and I jumped all over it! I’ve known Andrea for a few years now and when I think of her porcelain skin and long blond locks, blushing hues of pinks and peaches come to mind. She actually eloped to New York city for her ceremony in the most beautifully, flowing pale pink dress. Swoon!

The first piece was a simple, crisp email invite with soft brushed hearts and hand drawn type, very much Andrea.

Secondly, being a tea junkie, Andrea came up with the cutest idea of handing out mini tins of the most delicious tea as favors. I printed then hand drew each label and they turned out just darling!

Of course food tags (my favorite!) were cut, scored and hand drawn. There is something very special about food tags that melts my heart.

And lastly, I had extra cut offs from the food tags so I made mini fillers for Andrea to display between the dishes.

Congratulations Andrea and Garret! I hope the afternoon was everything you could wish for, you deserve it!

PS Very much looking forward to making some thank-you cards!

Wedding Wednesday: Nail Lacquer

Would you or wouldn’t you? Nail lacquer on your big day. We at paperhearts love our polished tips, but would we go this bright on our finger tips for the big day?

I love the flesh tone polish with the nail jewel on the ring finger. It definitely emphasizes your fancy ring! But does it take away from it?

I once met a lady with a permanent gold finger nail. Just one. It was stunning and caught my eye from across the room. I had to ask her about it instantly (for my love of gold), she told me her nail technician had ordered it overseas and it was actually gold plated. One may think it’s gaudy or too flashy, but it was simple and clean and perfectly shone.

So, popular colours for the season? My personal favorites are OPI’s Sweetheart (the sweetest pink) and At First Sight (a soft nude for light to midtoned skin). Martha Stewart has some popular picks for the summer here. MAC’s Surf Baby Hangin’ Loose lacquer, a dirty pink nude has caught my eye. Pink and nude and dirty? Sounds delightful and looks even prettier on when you have a warm glow from the summer!

Sophia and I are in a wedding party in less than two weeks (OMG, coming up fast); our dresses are the most beautiful midtone gray, colour suggestions?

Photos via Pinterest

Ombre Place Cards

via Once Wed

How beautiful are these ombre place cards? I want to ombre my life! You can make your very own like this, just click here.