Command Love

Mike and I have a wedding venue! There is light! With our wedding now slightly over a year away, we’re slowly getting our stuff together. I’m of the mind set that if we do little things each week, each month, we won’t get this giant bill next September. Am I right? Or am I just getting too excited to start my wedding tidbits?!

Regardless, I designed some wedding seals from for a wedding invitation that I designed earlier in June and I was just so tickled with them, I jumped the gun and designed and ordered some for our wedding! I have a look and a feel for our wedding in my mind, but have yet to actually get anything down on paper. My future last name will start with an “H,” my least favourite letter to draw… I came up with almost 10 seal designs with an “H” incorporated into it, but none were great. Mike and I couldn’t agree on a design. So we scrapped it all together/I scrapped it all together and came up with command love. Simple. Cute. To the point. Pun to MAC users. And to be honest, it wasn’t until I opened the box that I thought, what do PC users use as command? Is it alt? That little window icon? I can’t even tell you the last time I used a PC keyboard. Oops. My apologies in advance for those who receive our invite and don’t get it. Or is the command symbol well known enough for everyone to get it? This is why we user test, isn’t it…

Too late! Below are our beautiful gold seals for our envelopes which I don’t know the colour of, and for the invites that are yet to be designed. But this little detail just melts my heart.

envelope seal, wax seal, command love

handlettering, command love, drawing

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dream boy

Time is moving so fast!

It’s been a rather stressful few days.

I’m looking forward to next week, however, 25 hours on an airplane to visit our other home, with my dream boy. Best.

Getting Ready for Love

Instagram is my new fb, it’s my twitter in images. I’ve actually considered not hiring a photographer for our wedding and just getting our iPhone friends capture our day of love with this fabulous app.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Whether you like it or not, I hope you feel loved.


Tid Bits

Wedding tid bits (as I like to call them) are clearly my favorite. Tricia had a wonderful idea to punch intricate corners on paint chips for her table cards! SWOON! If you do happen to try this at home, do remember to leave a lot of dry time. Paint chips have a super coating on them, not allowing the ink to dry or absorb too easily. Never the less, the ink glided on SO smoothly. Pretty much a dream, other than dry time.

I found these photos on my phone, this is my small work space. Filled with coloured confetti and of course a cutting mat.

Don’t forget to check out the gorgeous photos from Tricia and Kelly’s wedding here and here!


Sweet Notes

Hand written notes are so special! I get real tickled when I get a sweet note, even if it’s just three words. As long as it’s personal, I’m so in love.

Let’s write more sweet notes friends!


Wedding Wednesday: Favours

My new favorite wedding favour, JAM!

First of all, who really doesn’t like jam? The perfect pairing to peanut butter. The sweet buddy to butter. We all love jam! paperhearts recently whipped up some simply sweet, circular thank you tags to be tied onto the cutest chubby jam jars for Tricia and Kelly’s wedding, which was stunning! Be sure to see some teasers shot by Centree Photography here.

From my first wedding, even to the most recent, I remember the wedding favour being a beautifully wrapped box filled to the brim with melty chocolatey almonds (or something of similar sweetness). My sisters wedding was crafted with a gorgeous ‘candy bar’, lined with clear glass jars of many different heights filled with mouthwatering sweets! (For candy bar eye candy, do visit Amy Atlas, the queen of styling tables).

As time goes on, couples are becoming more and more creative, with a different dose of sweetness.

Post cards from a destination wedding, SO clever!
And what is even more clever is combining the escort cards with the wedding favour. Diana and Josh went vintage hunting to find bowties and scarves for all of their guests! So smart and beautifully presented.

Well done brides and grooms! The evolution of wedding favours has been inspiring!

Photos via: Centree Photography and Green Wedding Shoes