Command Love

Mike and I have a wedding venue! There is light! With our wedding now slightly over a year away, we’re slowly getting our stuff together. I’m of the mind set that if we do little things each week, each month, we won’t get this giant bill next September. Am I right? Or am I just getting too excited to start my wedding tidbits?!

Regardless, I designed some wedding seals from for a wedding invitation that I designed earlier in June and I was just so tickled with them, I jumped the gun and designed and ordered some for our wedding! I have a look and a feel for our wedding in my mind, but have yet to actually get anything down on paper. My future last name will start with an “H,” my least favourite letter to draw… I came up with almost 10 seal designs with an “H” incorporated into it, but none were great. Mike and I couldn’t agree on a design. So we scrapped it all together/I scrapped it all together and came up with command love. Simple. Cute. To the point. Pun to MAC users. And to be honest, it wasn’t until I opened the box that I thought, what do PC users use as command? Is it alt? That little window icon? I can’t even tell you the last time I used a PC keyboard. Oops. My apologies in advance for those who receive our invite and don’t get it. Or is the command symbol well known enough for everyone to get it? This is why we user test, isn’t it…

Too late! Below are our beautiful gold seals for our envelopes which I don’t know the colour of, and for the invites that are yet to be designed. But this little detail just melts my heart.

envelope seal, wax seal, command love

handlettering, command love, drawing

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Conducting a wee giveaway on the ‘ol Facebook page. If you LIKE the FB page and comment on the photo before Friday, you could WIN one of these prints from the Whiteout Workshop screenprinting weekend!


Getting Ready for Love

Instagram is my new fb, it’s my twitter in images. I’ve actually considered not hiring a photographer for our wedding and just getting our iPhone friends capture our day of love with this fabulous app.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Whether you like it or not, I hope you feel loved.


Happy Friday!

I hope you all enjoy another beautiful fall weekend! Grab a pumpkin spice latte, and go for a frolic in the leaves! I just love this time of year!

Photographer Erik Otsea and landscape designer Judy Karmeon for T Magazine

Type + Photos

We’ve been bad bloggers, and we’re sad about it! I have, however, put together a little montage to make it up to you. We promise we’ll be better! Please enjoy my summer vacation through some of my photos! xo.

Happy Friday!

For some reason I decided to go book happy this week, and ended up splurging at Chapters on Whyte Ave. Don’t get me wrong, one of my favourite past times is grabbing a coffee from the upstairs Starbucks, and browsing books for hours, but I tend to splurge at places like Lux Beauty Boutique and buy countless amounts of Butter London nail polish! I am a huge book collector though. I have a thing for coffee table books. You know, the ones that you barely look at, but are just so damn pretty sitting there on your coffee table, and cost more than you should spent on them? Needless to say, I have the weekend ahead of me and I cannot wait to bury myself into these new purchases. Let me share them with you!

‘Let’s Bring Back: An Encyclopedia of Forgotten-Yet-Delightful, Chic, Useful, Curious, and Otherwise Commendable Things from Times Gone By’ By, Lesley M. M. Blume

This book was too adorable to not buy. My best friend and I both picked it up at the same time and when we realized that we both picked up the same book, we figured we not only needed to buy it, but that we are clearly two peas in a pod! This book is both whimsical and witty and includes nostalgic past times like, evening strolls, double features, Bette Davis, courtship, laundry chutes, libraries, the list goes on. All these things bring a smile to my face, I can’t wait to re-educate myself with the artful ways of living.

‘Scripts: Elegant Lettering From Design’s Golden Age‘ By, Steven Heller and Louise Fili

This book has been in my basket on my Amazon account for a while now, but when I went to Chapters earlier this week I saw it on the shelf, practically begging me to pick it up and find it a new home in my room. So I did. It is filled with of breath taking scripts from all over the world. The woman who was ringing me through even mentioned that I was buying books with such beautiful type on the covers. I am so excited to sit out in my backyard with my sketch pad and this book. Oh and the sun (it’s about time!)

Why am I so drawn to libraries and books? I find them to be so magical, and darn right beautiful. I don’t even mind the smell of old books.. weird, I know! Anyways, I encourage you all to find one thing this weekend that you love so much and take some time to do it. Hopefully it includes being outside, because what little summer we get, we need to act on it as soon as it happens. Happy Friday all!

Wedding Wednesday: Invitation Inspiration

Happy Wednesday readers! With wedding season in full swing now, I started to think of invitations and we are even working on a few more samples to put up on our website soon (stay tuned!!) For now though, let’s see what things are sparking our little creative minds!

via 100 layer cake

via 100 layer cake

Gorgeous invitation set by Cheree Berry, which has been found in Martha Stewart Weddings, and is adorably styled with heart shaped candy and striped bangles, FUN!

via 100 layer cake

This colour combination of kumquat and brown kraft paper is one of my favourites right now. Erin of Be True Designs is the creative mind behind this gorgeous cameo set.

via 100 layer cake

I’m not sure if it’s the simplicity of the black and white that I love so much, or the fact that there is that adorable tape tacked on the top. Either way Love vs Design does a pretty darn cute job on their modern vintage style invitations and save the dates.

via 100 layer cake

One of my first ever discovered bloggers was Oh Joy, and here she has a very cute travel invitation that would be perfect for a destination wedding for Wedding Paper Divas.

via 100 layer cake

Anyone who can sit through this much detail is the most patient person on Earth, and just so happens to be named Erin from The Indigo Bunting, and is a custom invite designer at 100LC (very cool, and very lucky!) There is some seriously cool stuff happening here!

I hope these images got your wheels turning, because mine sure are! See you all next week my lovelies! Until then, have a wonderful week!