Wedding Wednesday : hair-do vs. hair-don’t

Happy middle of the week readers! You will find that this will become a regular post for Wednesday’s. Yes, we love paper and all things hand written, but we also love other wedding related things, such as dresses from BHLDN, cute Kate Spade flats, head pieces, decorating ideas and tips! This is where everything outside of our regular banter of paper and hearts, and ink will live that are wedding related! Today’s rant: wedding hair! I am in the middle of debating whether to wear my hair up or down for my sisters upcoming wedding. This is a day that will be documented by not only the photographer, but by many other relatives and friends invited. Not scary at all! So, I have pulled some styles that have caught my eye. Take a look!

I love the romantic messy-ness, with the paper flowers.

A softer version of Audrey’s bun.

Lightly swept to the side by a bow.

Long curls. So simple, yet so beautiful.

Personally, I think it’s best not to do anything too drastic from what you would normally do. I prefer a casual/messy/romantic look. But don’t you worry, in a few weeks time, I will post what I end up doing with my hair!

All photos via 100 layer cake