Hee Haw!

I’m proud to be from a city where local talent organizes and welcomes designers to come together and make stuff for the sake of making stuff.

The only rules for this poster collection by HeeHaw Collective was to create a poster with a positive message to make someone laugh or smile. I’m not sure why, but all I could think of was cake. Who doesn’t love cake? A poster was born.

The whole collection turned out lovely! Please check it out. Laugh. Smile. And keep your eyes peeled, they will be strung up around town on the 12th!!


Make time to doodle.

I’ve been trying to pick up a quill at least once a day. It’s harder than it sounds, making time for doodles? Really.  A job we really can’t quite complain about.

Clearly I’ve been inspired by the postal strike and cake. Send more mail! Eat more cake! envelope stickers!!