A stunning bride asked me to create simple and elegant thank you cards with the beautiful line “my heart is full of love.” How pretty is that! Black ink on white card. With a line like that, less is more.

handlettering, calligraphy

handlettering, calligraphy



doodles with love.

It’s clearly been far too long since my last post. I assure you, I am keeping up with the social media realm, unfortunately blogging has hit the backburner while instagram is being stocked with my daily doodles.

I’ve been recently inspired by the amazing and talented calligraphers around the world via instagram. #handlettering #calligraphy I can spend hours on these two simple hash tags. Below are some of my daily doodles (made with love).


Love struck by memories lately.


Spending the long weekend in the mountains just makes me want to stop time.









Found some airplane doodles in my sketchbook from my recent trip back to New Zealand. Food clearly was on the mind.



Tricia’s Shower

Tis the season for bridal showers. This particular event is possibly one of my favorite traditions for a wedding. Every shower is different. Every bride has a group of beauties by her side along with the ever helpful mothers who put together a lovely afternoon.

One of Tricia’s bridesmaids, my great pal, Nicola approached me with all of her ideas rolling in her ever creative mind wanting some tea tin labels and food tags (my favorite). Nicola crafted beautiful windmills and super fun ribbon wands for all the kidlets attending (Nicki, I still want a wand!!). Super colourful visuals. She was ever so nice to donate some of her pretty patterned origami sheets for the food tags and I had SO much fun making these colourful cards.

Congratulations Tricia! Well wishes for the big day!

To see more on what the master talent Nicola can do, visit her website and follow her on twitter!

Hee Haw!

I’m proud to be from a city where local talent organizes and welcomes designers to come together and make stuff for the sake of making stuff.

The only rules for this poster collection by HeeHaw Collective was to create a poster with a positive message to make someone laugh or smile. I’m not sure why, but all I could think of was cake. Who doesn’t love cake? A poster was born.

The whole collection turned out lovely! Please check it out. Laugh. Smile. And keep your eyes peeled, they will be strung up around town on the 12th!!

Andrea’s Shower

A very pretty lady asked me to whip up some little tid bits for her bridal shower and I jumped all over it! I’ve known Andrea for a few years now and when I think of her porcelain skin and long blond locks, blushing hues of pinks and peaches come to mind. She actually eloped to New York city for her ceremony in the most beautifully, flowing pale pink dress. Swoon!

The first piece was a simple, crisp email invite with soft brushed hearts and hand drawn type, very much Andrea.

Secondly, being a tea junkie, Andrea came up with the cutest idea of handing out mini tins of the most delicious tea as favors. I printed then hand drew each label and they turned out just darling!

Of course food tags (my favorite!) were cut, scored and hand drawn. There is something very special about food tags that melts my heart.

And lastly, I had extra cut offs from the food tags so I made mini fillers for Andrea to display between the dishes.

Congratulations Andrea and Garret! I hope the afternoon was everything you could wish for, you deserve it!

PS Very much looking forward to making some thank-you cards!

Shiney New Cards

This just in: paperhearts studio business cards!!

The UV varnish turned out simple and subtle, just the way we wanted it!

Now we just need to hustle Sophia and tell her to send her files in to the printer! Sophia, we want your cards!! xo.