Wedding Wednesday: Nail Lacquer

Would you or wouldn’t you? Nail lacquer on your big day. We at paperhearts love our polished tips, but would we go this bright on our finger tips for the big day?

I love the flesh tone polish with the nail jewel on the ring finger. It definitely emphasizes your fancy ring! But does it take away from it?

I once met a lady with a permanent gold finger nail. Just one. It was stunning and caught my eye from across the room. I had to ask her about it instantly (for my love of gold), she told me her nail technician had ordered it overseas and it was actually gold plated. One may think it’s gaudy or too flashy, but it was simple and clean and perfectly shone.

So, popular colours for the season? My personal favorites are OPI’s Sweetheart (the sweetest pink) and At First Sight (a soft nude for light to midtoned skin). Martha Stewart has some popular picks for the summer here. MAC’s Surf Baby Hangin’ Loose lacquer, a dirty pink nude has caught my eye. Pink and nude and dirty? Sounds delightful and looks even prettier on when you have a warm glow from the summer!

Sophia and I are in a wedding party in less than two weeks (OMG, coming up fast); our dresses are the most beautiful midtone gray, colour suggestions?

Photos via Pinterest