Wedding Wednesday: Gift Registries

Registries make gift buying a breeze and a guarantee win! I’m attending a bridal shower and the invitation said the bride was registered at Anthropologie! YAY! Finally! Though it’s not your typical ‘bridal registry,’ it’s a wish list, so anyone can register (lucky for us girls who are yet to tie the knot)!

It’s common for couples to register at big department stores like the Bay, granted they are carrying some beautiful lines, but having Anthropologie in the mix is real nice for the artistic lovers.

Anthro has made it real easy to create your wish list. Create an account and click away! The staff is always helpful there too, if you forget the list at home, they’ll print one out for you in store.

Photo via Anthropologie


Wedding Wednesday: Nail Lacquer

Would you or wouldn’t you? Nail lacquer on your big day. We at paperhearts love our polished tips, but would we go this bright on our finger tips for the big day?

I love the flesh tone polish with the nail jewel on the ring finger. It definitely emphasizes your fancy ring! But does it take away from it?

I once met a lady with a permanent gold finger nail. Just one. It was stunning and caught my eye from across the room. I had to ask her about it instantly (for my love of gold), she told me her nail technician had ordered it overseas and it was actually gold plated. One may think it’s gaudy or too flashy, but it was simple and clean and perfectly shone.

So, popular colours for the season? My personal favorites are OPI’s Sweetheart (the sweetest pink) and At First Sight (a soft nude for light to midtoned skin). Martha Stewart has some popular picks for the summer here. MAC’s Surf Baby Hangin’ Loose lacquer, a dirty pink nude has caught my eye. Pink and nude and dirty? Sounds delightful and looks even prettier on when you have a warm glow from the summer!

Sophia and I are in a wedding party in less than two weeks (OMG, coming up fast); our dresses are the most beautiful midtone gray, colour suggestions?

Photos via Pinterest

Wedding Wednesday : hair-do vs. hair-don’t

Happy middle of the week readers! You will find that this will become a regular post for Wednesday’s. Yes, we love paper and all things hand written, but we also love other wedding related things, such as dresses from BHLDN, cute Kate Spade flats, head pieces, decorating ideas and tips! This is where everything outside of our regular banter of paper and hearts, and ink will live that are wedding related! Today’s rant: wedding hair! I am in the middle of debating whether to wear my hair up or down for my sisters upcoming wedding. This is a day that will be documented by not only the photographer, but by many other relatives and friends invited. Not scary at all! So, I have pulled some styles that have caught my eye. Take a look!

I love the romantic messy-ness, with the paper flowers.

A softer version of Audrey’s bun.

Lightly swept to the side by a bow.

Long curls. So simple, yet so beautiful.

Personally, I think it’s best not to do anything too drastic from what you would normally do. I prefer a casual/messy/romantic look. But don’t you worry, in a few weeks time, I will post what I end up doing with my hair!

All photos via 100 layer cake